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Double Glazing  – Draught Proofing, Insulation and Energy Savings


British springtime is still a time of cool/cold evenings, cold winds and April showers with thunderstorms. British weather has also become a lot more unpredictable in recent years, and not in a good way If your home isn’t insulated well you could find your time at home in the run up to summer being uncomfortable.  September soon comes around and the drier weather of the summer is actually a good time to make any changes to the external aspects of your home such as getting new doors and windows.

Draught Proofing Saves You Money


The Energy Saving Trust estimates that if we fully draught-proofed our homes each household could save an average of £55 per year. This could translate into a £180 million pound saving in the UK each year, and enough energy saved to heat nearly 930,000 homes.


Common places for draughts to enter the home include the windows, down the chimney, through the roof and down through the loft hatch, through the gaps between suspended floorboards, and through any of the fittings and pipe-work where there is a space in the wall that the wind can travel down.


Making Your Home Draught Proof


Even when temperatures are relatively mild all it takes is blast of cold wind to remind you how draughty your home is and how susceptible you will be to the elements next winter.


Loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and insulation beneath the floor boards or fitting draught proof flooring can all help to keep the warmth in and the draught out but the most noticeable areas are the door and windows in any home.


Old rattling sash windows, old double glazing and old rotting wooden doors and window fames are all sources of heat loss.  Although summer may bring some respite with energy prices only set to rise it makes sense to plan ahead and to replace those old doors and windows with modern double glazed, secure, energy efficient ones. You may also discover that things like new casement windows offer much easier options for ventilation your home and keeping things cool on the warmer summer days.


Noise Insulation


Noise from the outside, particularly if you live near a main road or in the centre of a town is something that never stops whatever the season. New double glazed doors and windows provide fantastic acoustic insulation.  You get to keep unwanted noise pollution out and it’s surprising what a difference it makes to the quality of life in your home when you can get some real peace and quiet.  Scientists have long known that although we may not realise it consciously, a level of background noise (such as traffic, noise from passers by, neighbours DIY and gardening activities) can cause us to experience stress.


Make sure you’re properly insulated against draughts, noise, and may of the temperature and energy price woes that the extremities of the UK climate can bring. To enquire about new/replacement double glazed windows and doors, or window and door spares and repairs call us now on 01793 790754 or contact us online.