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If installed correctly and if they are good quality, new / new replacement UPVC double glazed windows and doors tend to be a big improvement on what was there before.  They reduce draughts, insulate against noise and the cold, they require minimal maintenance, the frames don’t rot (like some wooden frames) and don’t require painting, they stay looking good and they can incorporate some important security features.


In many homes the double glazing is now very old and / or needs replacing / needs parts of it replaced or repaired.  Here 3 common problems we encounter with older and / or faulty double glazed windows and doors. See if you recognise any of these problems. If you do it may be a good time to give us a call.

1. Condensation in Broken / Damaged Double Glazed Units.


Steamy/foggy/misty double glazing is a sign that something isn’t right. For homeowners the main situations to act on are if there is a lot of condensation on the inside pane or between the panes.


Condensation on the Inside Pane


If the condensation is on the inside of the window it’s an indication that the temperature of the glass is too low (the temperature indoors may be too low), or there is a high degree of humidity / water vapour indoors (there’s generally more water vapour around inside a house than outside). It could also mean that there’s a ventilation problem in the home.


The Solution?  Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature is of course important anyway.  Make sure your home is well ventilated. It’s always a good idea to make sure that there’s some way for steam or water vapour to escape at or near the source.


Condensation in the Cavity Between the Panes


If there is condensation between the panes in your double glazed units this gives a foggy, misty, steamy look to the window. This is a sign that what should be a sealed unit has been breached or broken, air has got in.  The moisture absorbing silica in spacebar is likely to have become saturated and the moisture from the air has formed as condensation between the panes. The Heating and cooling of glass (expansion and contraction) over time could have caused the damage and / or there could have been a problem with the seal of the unit.


The Solution?  If the frames are in good condition and you’re happy with them it could be time to simply have the sealed glass units changed.  We can replace your foggy, misty, steamy old double glazed units with great clear, new ‘A’ rated units. Call us now on 01793 790 754 and ask about our double glazed unit replacement service.  There is no obligation, and there are no high pressure salesmen.


2. Draughts


One of the many good reasons why people choose to install double glazing in the first place is to get rid of draughts. If you’re getting draughts from your double glazing it is very likely therefore that there is a problem closing the door or window properly.  UPVC frames for example tend to be very strong and durable so it’s likely that the reason a window isn’t closing properly is down to problems with e.g. the hinges or a loose lock.  It may also be the case that the sash of a window has dropped.


The Solution? Get a double glazing professional to come and have a look at the window as soon as possible. The draught may actually be caused by something very simple, and some simple adjustments or replacements of a part / some minor parts may mean that the problem can be resolved very quickly, and needn’t be expensive. Remember that window frames tend to be strong, and most of the other parts can be replaced. Call us now on 01793 790 754 for expert help and advice or to ask for us to come and take a look.


3. Broken Handles, Broken Locks, and Problems With Other Smaller Parts


Window handles and locks can be subject to considerable wear and tear over time as can window hinges. Problems with the opening and closing of double glazed patio doors may be down to wear and tear of the patio rollers, and patio door locks and handles can also break.


The Solution? Consult an experienced double glazing professional who offers a double glazing spares and repairs service.  We can supply all kinds of window handles e.g. for UPVC, aluminium or wooden framed windows and wooden casement fasteners. We can supply cockspur window handles, espag handles, and tilt and turn window handles.  In fact we can help with any type of handle. We also supply aluminium patio door locks and handles, timber sash window locks and handles, UPVC door locks and handles, lock barrels for UPVC door locks of all kinds, window hinges, friction stays, pairs of patio rollers, tilt and slide patio sliders and more.


For more information call us now on 01793 790 754.