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D.A. Windows & Doors Ltd Ltd supply and install a huge range of external upvc doors in many different styles and with different glazing options. Any double glazed glass units are A-Rated and can incorporate a number of different glazing panels and styles. We also supply and install composite front and cupboard style doors too.


Examples of some of the new or replacement double glazed doors that D.A. Windows & Doors Ltd Ltd can install are;


Patio Doors


As the name suggests patio doors provide a stylish practical and affordable way to give you the option to open your home up so that you can fully enjoy your patio and garden areas. The A-Rated double glazing provides draught and sound proofing and fantastic insulation when closed. The great looking, hard wearing upvc or aluminium frames are easy to clean and maintenance free. They’re available with different numbers of panels and are made to measure to perfectly fit in with your home. They are safe and secure and incorporate the latest multi point locking systems.

French Doors


This ever-popular style of double doors incorporate a classic continental styling with all the benefits of modern double glazing e.g great heat and acoustic insulations, draught-proofing, next to no maintenance, and the security of the most modern multi point locking systems. French Doors are a available in upvc, timber/wood, or aluminium. A choice of glazing styles and patterns are available e.g. Georgian bars or plain glass panels. French doors bring plenty of light into the room and allow you to open the room right out to enjoy the garden and fine weather.


B-Fold / Bi-Folding Doors


Bi-Folding doors provide incredible flexibility as they allow you to open your whole rooms up to the gardens by opening and sliding all the doors to the side(s) of the rooms, or opening different sections and sliding them so they’re partially opens. You can choose whether the bi-folding doors open inwards or outwards, or from the right, left, or centre. These doors let huge amounts of light into room and you can choose from a number of different materials including wood and aluminium. Bi-Fold doors are generally made to measure. They incorporate the latest multi point locking systems so they are very secure when closed and the double glazing means that they provide highly effective insulation and keep the heat in as well as helping to lower your energy bills during the winter months.


Composite Doors


Composite doors have a pvcu outer frame reinforced with galvanized steel and a pvcu sub-frame for added strength, security and protection against the elements. Wooden door frames by comparison tend to rot over time and require maintenance / painting – the composite door frame does not.


The composite door itself gains strength from its own hardwood inner frame. One of the big differences from an ordinary wooden door is that the composite door has a polyurethane foam core that provides superior insulation. Heat can traditionally be lost and draughts are commonplace around the front door area in many homes.  A composite door can stop this happening. As well as the benefits of extra comfort and a helping to save money through lower heating bills a composite front door for example can be of particular benefit in a house where the living room area is very close to the front door / where there is no main hall/passage area.





















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Composite doors have a pvc outer skin which is available in a number of different shades and colours such as white, blue, green, dark wood and rosewood. The colours and shades are resistant to fading. These doors have a wood grain surface pattern but major advantages of the composite door itself over a wooden door are that it won’t warp, crack or buckle over time, there is no need to paint it and there is no paint on it to flake or chip, so it will stay looking good and it will save you money and time because no maintenance required. The pvcu surface of the door is very strong and durable and it is resistant to dents and dings.


A wide variety of composite styles is available including solid front doors, doors with double glazed glass panels and even stable door designs. Composite doors can incorporate the latest in secure door locking systems and great looking door furniture. Photographs of  our recent composite door installations are on the gallery page. For a quote or for more information on our door installation services please call 01793 790754 or contact us online.